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"Aunty's House Guest 7"

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Full length movie 81 minutes playing time
Featuring Melanie, Stefanie and Kari

Summer holidays are coming up and Kari learns from Facebook that her niece does not get on with her father. Stefanie does not want to spend the break with her parents. Kari asks her daughter who is the same age if they should invite her to stay with them. Melanie agrees that is a great idea. She loves Stefanie and they used to have sleepovers when they were young

Two weeks later Stefanie arrives late at night. After being greeted Kari insists she have a big glass of water before they go to bed

Melanie excitedly leads Stefanie to her bedroom. Stefanie is surprised how girly it is and there are toys from Melanie's youth all around. Kari proceeds to get Melanie ready for bed. Stefanie is stunned that Kari puts her grown up cousin in a disposable diaper.

But it gets worse for 20 year old Stefanie. Now her aunty and Melanie insist that she is diapered too! She reluctantly lets Kari undress her, powder her private parts and tape on a sposie. Then they insist she suck on a pacifier.

With both girls diapered and in footed pyjamas it is lights out. Stefanie wonders what on earth she has gotten into and plans on leaving first thing in the morning. Her aunty and cousin are crazy.

Morning and both girls have soaked their diapers overnight. This is normal for Melanie but Stefanie is appalled she has lost control of her bladder. Kari comes in and changes them both. Stefanie is totally embarrassed. Then Kari insists on dressing her in baby clothes along with Melanie

Just when Stefanie figures things cannot be anymore fucked up with her relatives Melanie covers her eyes and leads her into the "Special Room". Oh no! It is a nursery with an adult sized cot and high chair. There are also lots of diapers and toys. Even a playpen!

Kari announces it is breakfast time. She puts a bib on Melanie and sits her in the high chair to feed her. In the meantime she puts Stefanie in the playpen while she watches. Stefanie is a grown woman! She should not be in diapers and in a playpen being told what to do.

When Melanie has finished her food Kari tells Stefanie it is her turn to be spoon fed in the high chair and wearing a bib. Stefanie cannot believe what is happening to her but Stefanie's aunty continues to regress her. Is this what she did to Melanie? No wonder she had not heard from her cousin for years.

So the regression continues when Kari announces it is bath time for them both. Really? In the same bath with her 20 year old cousin and both being bathed by her aunty? After Kari has washed them both including their private areas, bottoms and boobies she dries the two girls, rubs on powder, tapes on fresh disposables and dresses them.

Back to the nursery and Kari says they should have a breast feed before they go to the park. She undoes her maternity bra and first guides Melanie's mouth onto her right nipple then Stefanie onto her left. Both girls suck hungrily away. After a short while the girls slow down and are not as active as they were so Kari thinks it is best they cuddle up in the cot together and have a nap before going out. Just before they nod off Melanie asks Stefanie if she will nap with her in the cot from now on.

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